Why Join PECO?

The best and fastest way to improve is by applying consistent effort with a competitive mindset in a supportive environment. We want to provide that environment by fostering a community of likeminded individuals, as well as rewarding and encouraging those who commit to long term improvement with additional benefits and opportunities.

Public Discord


  • Limited Discord Access
  • Listen in to Members-Only Events
  • Announcements for new products/events
Free Access

Join our community!



  1. Full Discord Access
  2. Member "Buddy" System
  3. Community Coaching channels
  1. Weekly Q&A with Coaches
  2. Weekly PUGs
  3. Member Melee
$5 per month

Community Benefits

All subscription revenue is put directly back into our community to help bring new and exciting events to all of our members!

Community Server

PECO operates a public Discord server for easy text, voice, and video chat, as well as screen sharing and file sharing. Although the server is open to the public, and all regular coaching sessions happen on the Discord and there are additional channels and benefits on the server available to those in the membership program.

Buddy Sysyem

Within our Discord members have the option to sign up for our "Buddy" system. This system operates as a group forum where individuals can meet, share their goals, keep each other accountable, and overall help each other improve!

Coaching Channels

Members have access to coaching specific channels such as our Community Coaching channel where members can volunteer coaching services to one another in a competitive focused environment. There is also the Coaching Hotline where members directly post any coaching related questions to be answered by other members of the community, including PECO Staff!

Member Events

All events are exclusive to PECO Members!

Member Monday (Q&A)

Every Monday PECO hosts a panel with some of our coaching staff (and sometimes special guests!) to answer questions from our members live! This is followed by our organized PUGs (Pick-up Games) where you can enjoy some friendly competition with fellow members and a chance to play some games with our staff.


In addition to our weekly scheduled PUGs every Monday, we are looking to launch more regular PUG times so more members can join in on the fun! Members can also sign up to be a dedicated Lobby Leader and run their own PUGs in the PECO server.

Member Melee

For those looking to take their first step beyond ranked and into a team environment we've organized the Member Melee. Members who sign up will be drafted onto balanced teams and assigned a community coach to duke it out on broadcast! For more information check out our Member Melee section of the Discord or ask one of our Staff.

Memberships FAQs

Can I join PECO by becoming a Twitch Subscriber or YouTube Member?

No, neither Twitch Subscriptions nor YouTube Memberships count as a PECO Membership. The revenue we collect from the membership program is used to fund a number of community initiatives. By hosting our own membership program with Memberful instead of Twitch or YouTube, we are able to put a larger portion of the membership proceeds towards our initiatives and events.

How can I change or manage my PECO Membership?

The PECO Membership program is managed through the third party platform Memberful, which is a company owned by operated by Patreon. In order to manage your account and your membership, click on the link below and either sign in by having a link sent to your email, or by using password if you made an account. If you are looking to upgrade your subscription to a higher tier, you will receive a prorated credit and your membership plan will change immediately.

Why haven't I received the member role in the discord server?

The Member role, and all access to the members-only Discord channels, is automatically assigned once your subscription is enabled by Memberful. Be sure to check your email for a message with the subject "PECO Membership Role Discord Invite!" and click the link to verify your account. If you are still experiencing problems with your membership please get in contact with a PECO staff member!

Click Here To Manage Your PECO Membership