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Profile Picture of Tikatee Louis Lebel-Wong

Louis Lebel-Wong


Managing Director and Overwatch Head Coach

Louis has been coaching Overwatch full time since 2017. He has worked with professional teams in the Overwatch League, World Cup, Contenders, as well as Open Division and Collegiate scenes. With years of professional coaching experience he is looking to raise the bar for coaching programs and to shape PECO with players in mind.

Coaching Team

Profile Picture of Deadly Blane Steckline

Blane Steckline


Overwatch Coach

Blane is a consistently Top 500 DPS player as well as peaking in Top 500 in all roles. Previously, he was a professional player for Rockets Esports before transitioning into coaching. He is comfortable coaching players of all skill levels and is looking forward to sharing his experience with new students.

Profile Picture of Gunther Marcus Raskob

Marcus Raskob


Overwatch Coach

Marcus is a former professional player and streamer with a passion for teaching. From his high level experience, he can offer a unique viewpoint and strong understanding of player mindset. He loves to focus on theory and concept in order to help teach you how to think about the game.