Our Mission

Better Living Through Gaming

The skills acquired and lessons learned through the pursuit of mastery in a competitive game or esports can be transferred to academic, professional, and personal successes throughout life. Our goal is to elevate the standard of Esports coaching by going further than providing lessons in game knowledge, strategy, and tactics. We believe that professional coaching is a holistic skillset that requires an understanding of teamwork, management, and operations.

Develop Varsity Esports

Varsity esports programs are currently underdeveloped compared to professional organizations due to the recent and rapid growth of the industry. However, we believe that well-run varsity Esports programs in high school and colleges are necessary for a healthy Esports ecosystem. Our goal is to empower students to advocate for the creation of these programs, educate academic institutions about the benefits of an Esports program, and guide these organizations through the formation of a successful and enduring Esports program.

Improve Industry Stability

Esports is still a new and developing industry, with young working professionals and short career durations. To aspiring Esports Athletes, we aim to provide training that helps them develop the professional skills necessary in order to be successful. To current Esports Athletes, we aim to provide stability in the form of temporary employment and brand building while they are between teams and opportunities. To former Esports Athletes, we aim to assist and encourage them with the transition from a professional player to a capable staff member.