Private Coaching by PECO

Single Session

Unsure what mistakes you're making? Struggling to climb after hitting a skill plateau? Just looking for a 2nd opinion?

Book a single coaching session today and find your way forward to better gameplay. Perfect for identifying any weaknesses in your play and giving you all the tools you need to start improving right away.

A Single Session will include:

  • A 1-hour long session with one of our experienced coaching staff
  • Immediate and actionable feedback to help you improve your gameplay
  • Dedicated time to have your questions answered by your coach
  • A recorded video from the coach's POV of your session for you to save (No need to take notes!)

Long Term Plans

For those looking to invest more into improving their gameplay and knowledge. PECO's long term improvement plans are developed in-house by our team of coaches and are designed with your goals in mind.

We've developed plans covering everything from building hero specific fundamentals to teaching high level game knowledge. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and start down your path to improvement.

Long Term Plans include:

  • A consultation to help determine your individual needs and which of our coaching staff will be best suited to working with you
  • A personalized plan designed specifically around your areas of interest to give you a clear path forward towards improvement
  • On-going coaching sessions scheduled up to once-per-week with your dedicated coach
  • An open line of communication between you and your coach to answer questions and help shape the direction of your future coaching sessions
  • Up to 30% discounted hourly rates when compared to single session coaching
"I’ve purchased coaching sessions from a variety of coaches in the past, and absolutely none of them compare to the depth of knowledge I received from this package... My recommendation cannot be overstated. 10/10"

-TyrantPanda, Collegiate Overwatch Coach and long term PECO student

Meet Our Coaches


Louis Lebel-Wong


Marcus Raskob


Blaine Steckline

  • Years of professional coaching experience including time in the Overwatch League, World Cup, and Collegiate circuit
  • Has a wealth of experience working with teams and players to maximize their potential
  • Enjoys coaching teamplay and helping players understand and incorporate macro concepts into their play
  • Former professional support player in Overwatch Contenders with a passion for teaching
  • Offers a unique viewpoint from his experience and understanding of player mindsets
  • Enjoys working with players to build a strong mindset and understanding of the game
  • Former professional DPS player with Rocket Esports in Contenders before transitioning to coaching
  • Consistently ranked Top 500 DPS player as well as peaking Top 500 on Tank and Support roles
  • Enjoys coaching players of all levels to help them reach new heights
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Hear from our students

"Since working with Tikatee, my SR has risen from ~2000 to ~2900, and I feel more in control of both my character and the overall flow of each match I play. From approaching 1v1s to breaking down the decision making process during team engagements, I'm a much more competent, collected, and deliberate player. Tikatee works with you, starting from your mindset, to help you bridge the gap toward understanding how Overwatch functions on a macro, team level and how your character can function within that system."

- Shovda

Private Coaching Student
(4+ Sessions Completed)

"Having been a Coach and Personal trainer for the better part of a decade, I've learned through experience that an amazing coach requires certain special qualities: The ability to listen, being prepared and professional, and always having the clients best interest in mind! In our sessions together, Gunther went above and beyond in these three qualities and more! In under a month of working with Gunther, my overall confidence, knowledge and love for the game had improved exponentially, I gained 1300 SR and he instilled me with the belief that if I really wanted to achieve certain goals, that those goals weren't out of reach! When you work with Gunther, its not just a lesson, or a session... it's an experience."

- w0rthy

Long Term Coaching Student
(Since April 2021)

"I’ve purchased coaching sessions from a variety of coaches in the past, and absolutely none of them compare to the depth of knowledge I received from this package... I feel absolutely confident that moving forward I will be able to apply the information given to me, and the program has emboldened me with the confidence that as metas change, as heroes are introduced, and as the game changes fundamentally, I will be able to adapt and analyze and theorize independently. To top it all off, these are some of the kindest people I’ve had the luxury of working with in all of coaching. My recommendation cannot be overstated. 10/10."

- TyrantPanda

Long Term Coaching Student
(Coaching the Coach program)